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Starting a Book Club for Progressive Christians

I have been in ministry for 26 years as an ordained minister.  It has been more than 30 years if I add the years of my ministry as a student pastor.  I have two master degrees in theology and one unfinished doctoral study.

Unfortunately, I feel I know nothing about ministry, even theology sometimes. But, the good thing is that this feeling leads me to reflect on my spiritual journey.

I was born as a pastor’s kid and grew up in evangelical, conservative Christian Churches in Korea.  I have learned a lot from my father, his ministry, theology and life, whether I have liked these lessons or not.  Of course I have a great respect for my parents, their love, support, and prayer.

After graduating, I had a chance to serve at a couple of Korean churches.  I have met great faithful church leaders and faithful lay servants.  I really enjoyed the time and fellowship that I shared with them.  But, I was not able to find enough mutual agreement with them regarding major theological issues, even if there were no big differences with the churches that I served here in the Illinois conference.

Now I am here, at Incarnation, one of the most open-minded congregations in theology and ministry.  As I look back on my spiritual journey, a journey from Korea to the USA, I feel so blessed and thankful to have an opportunity to serve my church.  I believe that God sent me here to share the good news of Jesus, which is not painted by any irrelevant Christian doctrine and theology.

I am planning to start a book club which will be studying a numbers of books written by progressive Christian authors and scholars.  I hope this study will help us to find better ways to reach out to our generation.

This class will be open to anyone who loves to accept challenges and critical thinking to redefine our Christian faith in the contemporary world.  The first gathering will be early in March.  The time and date will be discussed at the first meeting.  You will find more detailed information in the coming weeks.


Pastor Doh

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