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How to stop worshiping Christ and start following Jesus

This is the title of the book that I chose for the Book Club. our brand new small group.  It is very provocative and challenging as we reflect on the time and energy we put into the worship measured against simply following Jesus.

I hesitated to choose this book for the Book Club because of the title.  But I find tremendous value from this book, thinking about the transitional period in between celebrating last 50 years and preparing for the future.

We know our church needs change.  We have been praying and wanting our church to turn around to bring the life back.

What gives us life back?  It is not the Christian doctrine and dogma about how God exists in three persons.  It is not about the argument on how Jesus can be a human and God at the same time.  It is not about what the Bible teaches us on homosexuality.  Doctrinal arguments have divided our body for many centuries.

I do not believe that God really cares if we know how he exists.  I don’t think Jesus really wants us to understand the formulas of His Divinity.  I believe God’s primary concern for us is to follow Jesus, and not just to worship Christ.

We have an interesting church name, Incarnation, which means God became flesh.  Yes.  It is a doctrinal language.  Some of us may not be happy with the name.  To me, it is not a doctrine language but a compelling invitation to follow Jesus who humbled himself to reach out to the poor and the sick.  That’s why I keep saying we need to create incarnational ministry to follow Jesus.

In this book, Robin Meyers challenges us with his prophetic voice.

We are all called once more to ask the most basic questions:  Who was Jesus before He was the Christ? What does it mean to follow Him as a teacher and not just worship Him as a supernatural deity on a rescue mission. 

 Our task is to let the breath of the Galilean sage fall on the neck of the church again.  After centuries of being told that “Jesus saves,” the time has come to save Jesus from the church.

 Pastor Doh

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