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Highlights of the Jubilee Taskforce

Finally, the Jubilee Taskforce team finished their job. It was a great journey with passion, joy and excitement. We shared our dreams, ideas and expectations with each other. We all agreed that we have a great future and lots of hope. The team had a chance to share their report at the church council. All members of the church council approved their proposal joyfully.

There were four main work areas for the Jubilee Taskforce, Worship, Welcoming & Hospitality, Mission & Outreach, and Nurture. Unfortunately they were not able to cover the last part, the Nurture, because of the lack of time.

WORSHIP, Inspirational, Engaging, and Relevant Worship Experience
Worship is not just a worship here at the Incarnation. Worship is a dinner table for all our church family as we gather together, eat together, and pray together. We are so proud of our high quality worship and excellent worship team, our music director, pianist, choir, Incarnation Sound, projectionist, and ushers. They are working hard together help us to experience inspiring, engaging, and relevant worship.

There were many ideas and suggestions at the Jubilee Taskforce. You may have noticed, some of them have already been done. One of the main topics were inviting members, families, or community to our worship. We will invite our church members to share their testimony at worship. We will invite our church families for special music opportunities during the summer. We will extend our invitation to our neighbors and community leaders.

The Jubilee Taskforce team spent lots of hours for this area. We agreed that we need to create a welcoming environment for our community. We noticed that our church had a visibility issue. We decided to cut the trees and ivy which were blocking our church and putting a Methodist Cross (with flame) on the south wall. We shared the idea of hanging a rainbow flag outside of our church to advertise our mission and calling for LGBTQ.










They also decided to create a welcoming center in the Narthex. When our visitors open the main door, they will see our welcome center with a TV, coffee counter, comfortable chairs and tables on the new floor, poster, and brochures on the newly installed salt wall.










Securing church visibility is not limited by only changing the building and architecture. When people look for their spiritual home, they go online. We will improve our church website and Facebook page. Our communications team welcome your opinion and feedback.

What a great joy to open our facility for our broken brothers and sisters! Our church will be a summer PADS site from this coming May to September. We have been working with the Journeys organization for this wonderful opportunity. Now, here we are. We are one of the pilot PADS sites for the first time in our church history.

We will not stop our effort to reach out to our neighbors. We will extend our hands to the Hispanic community, refugees, and undocumented immigrants.

We will create a special team, “Community Builders”. They will focus on connecting our community through various community events and programs. The door is open. If anyone wants to be a part of this new team, please join us.

Again, we have hope and a bright future because God is not done with us. We have a burning hurt to fulfill our mission as a loving hands of God.

Eunbae Doe

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