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Does God really care what we care about?

Last year the Western jurisdiction of the United Methodist Church elected Rev. Karen Oliveto, the first openly homosexual bishop in the United Methodist Church.

A petition from the South Central Jurisdiction to the Judicial Council was made about the legality of that election.  In a 6-to-3 vote made public in April, the Judicial Council ruled that a married lesbian bishop and those who consecrated her were in violation of their “commitment to abide by and uphold the church’s definition of marriage and stance on homosexuality.”

Still, the court ruled that the Bishop, Karen P. Oliveto of Denver, “remains in good standing” pending further proceedings, offering her supporters a glimmer of hope.  But it also raised the prospect of a suspension or forced retirement.

How long will the United Methodist Church waste our energy and time for this unending argument.  I am writing this letter sitting in the church kitchen for the PADS program.  We have many mission fields to fulfill the great commission, spread the good news, making disciples and  loving our neighbors.  I am not sure God really cares about this ongoing battle over the homosexuality among us.

The Bible tells us our interest may not be the same as God’s.  Jesus was accused by the Pharisees for violating the law of the Sabbath, healing a crippled woman, a man with a withered hand and letting his disciples pluck grains on the Sabbath.  When He was challenged by religious parties for breaking the law of the Sabbath, He said, “The Sabbath was made for humankind, and not humankind for the Sabbath.

Jesus made a clear statement that the law exists for humans.  It is so sad that we are still making the same mistake the old religious people made; judging others by the law, and the book of discipline.  Jesus gave us one great commandment, to love God and love your neighbor.  If we do not stop judging and accusing each other, we violate the great commandment.

 Pastor Eunbae Doh

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