Trunk or Treat this Sunday! And…

I just uploaded this week's video letter here!

Please watch!

And 2 things to let you know (just in case you don’t watch this video letter):

1) We need you (yes, you!) to come and help our Trunk or Treat! Also, Sweets Donation is ON!

2) Our 11/4 church conference is at 7 PM via Zoom, not in person due to Rev. Issac’s schedule conflicts. Again, our church conference is not in person, but via Zoom – so I hope even more people can join the conference next Thursday!

Also, I want to let you know that I made a web portal for the Incarnation family because I think I already made too many bit-ly links, so if you keep this address, this will work for all the links I gave you so far, which is bit(,)ly/COIweb (change comma to dot – some people will not get this email if the link is blocked with the auto-filtering) so if you remember this link, you can go to our Zoom, YouTube, Facebook and more!

Hope to see you all on Sunday!


Pastor CJ Woo